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The Emoji shop was originally renovated from a 130 year old terraced house and sells various kinds of paper products such as notebooks, memo pads, cards etc.


A fine diner runs by two females who love food and antiques. Our family style selected set menus are available all day. We do not stop the set menu orders at 14:00 PM like other shops do. We would like to offer delicious and reasonable food whenever you feel like it. Please come and try our food.


R. J Café

Most of our customers visit us for a cup of espresso. Our espresso’s the finest quality coffee beans and the beans are house-roasted.We offer varieties of coffee but one particular menu is special, delicious and most popular called ‘Ecopresso’ an espresso served with a coffee cup made from cookies.

Acchichi Honpo, Dotonbori

The world famous Takoyaki or octopus balls are one of the most delicious food in Osaka. If you are in Osaka, you have to try it!Hundreds of Takoyaki shops can be found in the city of Osaka.Acchichi Honpo in the Dotonbori district of Osaka offers one of


Guest House Moku Moku

If you are looking for a convenient yet down to earth accommodation in Osaka that allows you to get an additional experience of Japanese culture upon staying, Guest House Moku Moku is definitely worth considering.


Some may be familiar with how deep and unique Japan’s bath culture is and many may long to stay at Japanese style ryokan to relax in the onsen either wise known as Japanese hot spring. However did you know, onsen is only part of the bath culture? If ryokan are too expensive or you just prefer something more local, sento meaning public bath is the perfect place to go!


NOON+CAFÉ is located in Nakazaki-cho.The café has white concrete wall with iron window bars.Antique lamps from the ceiling give soft and comfortable lighting in the space.The café offers variety foods and drinks with comfortable settings.


Have you ever had an impulsive urge to get all dressed up in such an extraordinary way you feel like you’re not yourself? If you’re nodding your head, Maiden Clothing may be the answer to your wishes, offering a wide range of ‘Lolita’ fashion.


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