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Located in the back-alley of Nakazakicho, often nicknamed as ‘retro town’, Salon Café Zero is a laid back and cozy café coming to its 3rd year, which allows you to indulge yourself in the deep and slow, mellow culture of Nakazakicho.


Run only by the easy going manager himself, time passes slowly there, giving you a moment of peace to forget about the lively city of Osaka. As does the Nakazakicho area, Zero also has a retro feel to it as the café is full of vintage furniture like chairs from the 1960s and antique tea cups the manager brought with him from his families café back at home in the Hokuriku region, sure to strike your nostalgic cord.


Whilst having two faces of being a café at day and bar at night, Zero’s peaceful and relaxing atmosphere remains constant which may be one of the reasons for it being popular for men to come alone for some quiet reading and coffee. Also the place not only appeals to the males but you will also find many walk-ins of female foreigners whom are into photography. For them, it may be the handmade tiramisu which is the owner’s recommendation, along with the retro atmosphere which brings them to Zero. Apart from the superb dessert, since the owner is from the Hokuriku region, the menu features dishes using ingredients from the Hokuriku region and local ‘sake’ (Japanese brew). So, why not be greedy and get a little taste of the North-West districts of Japan whilst staying in the South-West districts?

Either it be for some quiet time after sightseeing or to purely enjoy the Nakazakicho culture, Salon Café Zero is sure to become one of your favorite retreats!

Address 1-7-12 Nakazakinishi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
Access -
Tel 06-6136-6484
Hours Mon - Sat 12:00~21:00 / Sun, Holiday 12:00 - 19:00
Holiday Thursday
Wi-Fi ×
AverageCost 800yen

Sorry, Credit cards can not be used

50yen Off Every 500yen Usage




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