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Located only a minute walk away from the closest subway station “Namba Station” and walking distance from Osaka’s must-see landmarks, “Doutonbori” and “Shinsaibashi”, Fuku Hostel Namba should definitely be added to your list of accommodation candidates! Whilst location is probably highly-ranked in your consideration factors, you be surprised to find this is not the main reason Fuku Hostel Namba is choosen.


For hostel-lovers, it may go without saying but one of the perks of staying at a hostel is the interaction with other guests from various cultural backgrounds allowing you to exchange information and make new discoveries. Fuku Hostel Namba takes this principle to another level. From the belief that people bring ‘fuku’, meaning ‘luck’, ‘happiness’, and ‘blessing’, they have created many communities and offer services to make sure you get the full Osaka experience!


Firstly, the staff are super friendly and very helpful which always influences a trip. There are also travel information in the living room where you can check out how much time and money it will take to visit recommended sightseeing places too.


If you are thinking, ‘nothing new’, you will be surprised to know they do not just recommend. Hosting various events regularly, you can expect further interaction between guests making your trip just that much more interesting even for solemn travelers. For example, if you should be staying on a Wednesday why not join the ‘takoyaki (grilled octopus dumplings) party’ which has been held every week since the opening of the hostel to enjoy Osaka delicacy? Since they don’t mind if you join in late, just come home hungry after sightseeing during the day! Many guests end up going to sightsee Kyoto or USJ together the next day thanks to becoming friends at this party so it is especially great for solemn travelers.


That is not all! Every Friday the staff even guide you to see not the main tourist spots like Tsutenkaku or Osaka Castle but the niche places the locals enjoy so why not experience true Osaka from the local’s perspective? Since this event is held together with Fuku Hostel Nagomi , you will get to meet their guests too for more deep interaction!


Of course no matter how good the service, you would not want to stay at an uncomfortable accommodation. But Fuku Hostel Namba has no worries there as, along with their wooden dormitories being equipped with a shelf for your luggage, and high-quality Japanese bedding, ‘futon’, their beds have been uniquely designed to secure your privacy and comfort.
For those whom prefer more privacy and like to get a better feel for Japanese culture, they also have a Japanese-style private rooms that can be reserved for 2 or more guests.


Having said all that, you can see why Fuku Hostel Namba should be considered for accommodating. Stay and go home feeling ‘fuku’!

Address 3F 2-9-6 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
Access -
Tel 06-6633-8029
Hours 08:00 〜 22:00
Holiday -
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