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Guest House Moku Moku


If you are looking for a convenient yet down to earth accommodation in Osaka that allows you to get an additional experience of Japanese culture upon staying, Guest House Moku Moku is definitely worth considering.


Originally being a Japanese barbeque restaurant and as it is said that ‘there is cloud where people gather’, the hostel is called ‘Moku Moku’ which is onomatopoeia for smoke. And as the name implies, Guest Hose Moku Moku offers a cozy stay with a somewhat nostalgic feel to it. But what makes it so unique is that, it allows you to take a free bath at a nearby sento ‘Showayu’!


For those whom am not familiar with sento, you are surely missing out on a large part of traditional Japanese bath culture. Sento, meaning public bath was part of daily life for most in the good old Showa era when there were no baths at home. However it still remains loved regardless of having baths at home, maybe due to being able to relax more in a larger bath, or maybe due to its resting and nostalgic atmosphere.


With 7 types of baths and steam sauna you will most definitely be able to freshen up better than a hotel unit bath!


Furthermore, it is not just the sento experience which will lets you get a taste of Japan’s good old days. Although it is conveniently located 7mins from Osaka by train and only 3mins walk from the closest station, Awaji station, the hostel is located in the midst of a downtown shopping street giving you peace and quiet as well as a browse around some of the downtown local stores.


The hostel itself has a nostalgic feel to it with it’s tatami floored, hand-made wooden dormitories. With 4 rooms for 8 guests and a women’s only dorm fitted for 6 guests, the hostel only holds for a maximum of 18 guest making it easy to interact with one another in a cozy, laid back ambience.
For more interaction there is also a community kitchen so why not enjoy a few drinks after freshening up at Showayu?


If you are a bath-lover or just want to get to know Japanese local culture more, Guest House Moku Moku is the place to stay! But make sure to stay when you can enjoy the sento as unfortunately Showayu is closed on Wednesday and only showers are available.

Address 4-33-4, Awaji, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi
Access -
Tel 06-6476-9192
Hours 15:00 - 21:00
Holiday open all year round
AverageCost 4,000 yen

Sorry, Credit cards can not be used

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