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For those whom feel a good meal is never complete without good liquor to pair it with, did you know Japan offers not just exquisite Japanese sake but distinct beer as well? Tending to be richer in taste with a strong flavor of hops compared to American brands, Japanese beer is worth trying. But if you are going to try it you might as well try it at the best suited environment. Run by one of the most dominant beer brand, KIRIN, the beer restaurant Kirin City Plus is just that!


Whilst you can find Kirin City nationwide, Kirin City Plus offers a wider range of foods and wine along with the beer selection, making sure you’re never be limited in choices. Having English menus as well as beer Meister among their staff, you can surely have a stress-free meal. And along as be amazed with the number of various KIRIN beer bottles aligned on the racks above the counter seats, the artistic and modern atmosphere the labels create will have you feeling in the mood for a good drink.


Unlike a typical chain restaurant, it is reassuring to know the dishes are handmade from specially picked ingredients such as natural vegetables and meat raised by hardworking farmers, delivering you the passion of the creators through their home-style cooking.
If you find yourself lost in what to order, the beloved Kumamoto Akoushi beef and artisanal sausages are a must-eat, as they bring out the best of KIRIN’s popular beers Kirin Lager and Kirin Ichiban Shibori. Also you will find Kumamoto Akoushi beef differ from the Japanese Black cattle, being lean and bursting with flavor with every bite!


If you plan to indulge yourself in various KIRIN beer, KIRIN City Plus also offers 3types of all-you-can-drink party sets as well! From a price range of JPY4000, JPY5000, JPY6000 you can enjoy 8 types of there most popular dishes and taste the different beers for 120mins. But please note you will need to make a reservation prior.


Since it is the only KIRIN City Plus in the Kansai region, why not add it to your meal schedule if you are in town? After all, no place like the brand restaurant can guarantee you try their beer at their best!

Address Namba CITY south hall 1F, 5-1-60, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Access -
Tel 06-6644-2550
Hours 11:30 - 23:00
Holiday Irregular
Wi-Fi ×
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