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Have you ever had an impulsive urge to get all dressed up in such an extraordinary way you feel like you’re not yourself? If you’re nodding your head, Maiden Clothing may be the answer to your wishes, offering a wide range of ‘Lolita’ fashion.


For those whom are unfamiliar with one of Japan’s globally recognized growing subcultures ‘Lolita’, you may find yourself staring upon encountering youngsters dressed in ever so frilly or so punk and gothic Lolita fashion, but rest assured, they are not religious cults. Whilst the term ‘lolita’ might give sexual connotations due to the terms usage in western culture, it refers to ‘cuteness’ in Japan and is about dressing up like traditional French dolls or to match a particular music genre often inspired by Western glam, punk rock and heavy metal. Moreover along with growth of the subculture, lolita fashion has evolved into numerous categories so why not taste of this Japanese subculture?


As well as being a lolita fan’s all-you-need store, Maiden Clothing is a great place to get introduced to the culture. Run by PURE SOUND, a specialty store for such glam, punk rock and heavy metal bands, you will surely be surprised by the jaw-opening range of lolita and gothic fashion offered from popular brands such as the below.


Angelic Pretty
Emily Temple cute
Innocent World
Jane Marple
Juliette et Justine
Leur Getter
Moi meme moitie


And it is not just the variety but the high quality of each used and new clothing with details such as fine laces, frills and ribbons that has gained the voted of not only fans in Japan but worldwide.

If you are concerned about where to get started with such a wide variety offered, there are staff whom can speak English and Chinese to help you out so you can shop worry-free!


For those whom still feel prefer to stay in the safety zone, PURE SOUND lets you enjoy the culture through more musical elements too. You can find things from CDs, DVDs, VHSs, pamphlets, magazines to rare band items such as Polaroid photos, and magazines issued for fan club members. They even have cassette tapes of the bands demo songs! They say music is borderless so why not dig around? You may encounter music or items you can find at no other!

Whether you’re a lolita subculture fan or looking for a new experience, you should drop by at Maiden Clothing conveniently located at America town of Osaka and Nishi-Shinjuku of Tokyo, because, it is definitely ‘different’ and it can assured to make an good show-and-tell story back home! Who knows, you may get ‘dolled up’ and discover a new you?

Address 2-10-34, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
Access -
Tel 06-6213-8657
Hours 11:00 - 21:00
Holiday New Year's Day
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