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A fine diner runs by two females who love food and antiques.
Our family style selected set menus are available all day.
We do not stop the set menu orders at 14:00 PM like other shops do.
We would like to offer delicious and reasonable food whenever you feel like it.
Please come and try our food.
Our menus include…


Breakfast –
“Morning set” consists of grilled fish, miso soup, a bowl of rice and pickles (¥650).
“Special egg” consists of an egg, Nori-seaweed, miso soup, a bowl of rice and pickles (¥500).
“Spam rice balls” consists of Spam rice balls, miso soup, Japanese omelet and pickles (¥600).
If you prefer bread, why not try these.
“Toast set” consists of toast and drink (¥400).
“Ham cheese toast set” consists of Ham cheese toast and drink (¥550).


Set menus –
You can choose a main dish from the below:
“Grilled fish”
“Hamburg steak”
“Ginger fried pork”
“Marinated fried-chicken with tartar sauce”
It costs ¥900 (between 12:00〜16:00 is ¥750) with a bowl of rice.
Apart from grilled fish, you can select two main dishes for an extra ¥150.


The diner is located in the Karabori area where many terraced houses and examples of traditional Japanese houses stand.
The town has a relaxed atmosphere and you instantly feel at home with this diner.
No wonder why many tourists who stayed in the Karabori area come here to have breakfast.
Why don’t you come and try our delicious food?
Satisfaction guaranteed!

Address 6-17-4 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Access -
Tel -
Hours Tsu, Wed 09:00 - 17:00 / Mon, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 21:00
Holiday Sun, Thur
Wi-Fi ×
AverageCost 900yen

Sorry, Credit cards can not be used


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