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NOON+CAFÉ is located in Nakazaki-cho.The café has white concrete wall with iron window bars.Antique lamps from the ceiling give soft and comfortable lighting in the space.The café offers variety foods and drinks with comfortable settings.
Our ever popular menu is famous American style hamburger.There are high chairs as well as sofas where you can sit and enjoy the conversation with your friends for hours.
Great food and comfortable settings maybe the reason of most of our visitors are women!
At night, NOON+CAFÉ becomes a club, and offers alchoholic beverages.
A local DJ plays variety of live music here, and after the gig some artists drink in the hall and are happy to talk to you.Due to the location of right under railway track of JR Kyoto line, the noise of the train passes by can be heard inside, but when the noise mix with the music played here create an unique acoustic atmosphere like you are in an underground club somewhere in overseas.There’s nothing that can beat a night out that involves a live music!


You get there a bit early, chat with your friends and have their famous American style hamburger, then you enjoy the band and its music, and afterwards, you keep on having fun under the impression of the music.

Address 3-3-8Nakazaki-nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
Access -
Tel 06-6373-4919
Hours 11:00 - 29:00
Holiday open all year round

Sorry, Credit cards can not be used


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