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Piat Thor


If you are feeling stressed and the vodka nor karaoke aren’t working, Piat Thor is just the place you should be. Because being a store specializing in letting off the steam, Piat Thor is the only place allowing you to smash breakables like dishes in Kansai! Sound crazy?
Piat Thor is a unique place letting you feel liberated by violating the ‘little taboo’ of throwing plates, pot, or glass against walls in private soundproof ‘break booths’. You can even write on the ceramics before you fling them to increase satisfaction.


Surprising, it seems the ladies find it more appealing and see many office administrators coming in to give plates slandering their bosses or boyfriends a full throw. Whilst there is need for a corkage fee, there are even those whom come in with memorable pair glasses used with their ex


Of course you will be fully equipped with face masks, gloves, and outerwear so there’s no need to worry about any fragments flying back your way
So why not throw your frustrations against a wall and walk out the door feeling good? You will surely be addicting to the satisfying crack and splatter.


Moreover if you are looking for something a little more wilder, Piat Thor holds a precision shooting seminar every Thursday from 20pm. Since the owner is a qualified air gun instructor who has also been awarded in modern pentathlon tournaments in Osaka, you will be able to safely enjoy your shooting experience. Also if you a luckily in town in time for Piat Thor’s end-of-year party there are even events allowing you to use the riffle type air soft gun APS-2 and hand gun type air soft gun APS-3!


So either it be full throwing breakables or getting a feel of being sniper, if you a looking for a new liberating, intense and definitely cathartic experience, be sure to go to Piat Thor!

Address 3F Sennitimae Sentoraru Daiyon building,, 13-6 Namba Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
Access -
Tel 06-7501-7092
Hours 14:00 ~ 23:15
Holiday Irregular
AverageCost 2000yen

Sorry, Credit cards can not be used

200 yen Discount for Usage of Over 2300 yen.




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