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Some may be familiar with how deep and unique Japan’s bath culture is and many may long to stay at Japanese style ryokan to relax in the onsen either wise known as Japanese hot spring. However did you know, onsen is only part of the bath culture? If ryokan are too expensive or you just prefer something more local, sento meaning public bath is the perfect place to go!


In the Showa era decades ago when homes did not have baths, families would go to sento but even now, there is just something special about going to sento instead of bathing at home. And considering Osaka has the most number of sento in Japan, it would be a waste not to have a sento experience when you’re in town.
If you are wondering why you never knew about this, it may be due to many sento only allowing locals or people without tattoos entrance. However, not to worry Showayu will let you enjoy the full sento experience!


Having opened in 1928, Showayu has a lot of history having been loved by the locals for nearly 90 years! And in a world of change and volatility, you can understand that most definitely means something. Whilst it is a cozy, local public bath, you will be impressed by the 7 types of baths and steam sauna from jet baths to electric baths available, allowing you to not just freshen up but indulge yourself in a bath experience to your hearts intent. Moreover they use high density soft water fit to ease your tired muscles from traveling.


And if that wasn’t enough, they have events such as floating 2000 rubber ducks in the baths once every 3 months, and unique baths such as seaweed baths or coriander baths once every month so why not enjoy an experience you can have at no other if your timing should match?

As Showayu fans are mostly the locals and tourists staying at a nearby hostel, Guest House Moku Moku, you will surely be able to relax in a friendly and cozy environment!


Thus, go and relax at Showayu to see why sento are so loved and deeply rooted in Japanese culture!

Address 4-33-1, Awaji, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi
Access -
Tel 06-6322-2645
Hours 14:45 - 00:30
Holiday Every Wednesday
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