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Some may be familiar with how deep and unique Japan’s bath culture is and many may long to stay at Japanese style ryokan to relax in the onsen either wise known as Japanese hot spring. However did you know, onsen is only part of the bath culture? If ryokan are too expensive or you just prefer something more local, sento meaning public bath is the perfect place to go!


Piat Thor

If you are feeling stressed and the vodka nor karaoke aren’t working, Piat Thor is just the place you should be. Because being a store specializing in letting off the steam, Piat Thor is the only place allowing you to smash breakables like dishes in Kansai! Sound crazy?


If you would like to take a look at Osaka from a ‘different angle’, why not take a casual cruise for some cozy, Japanese experience? Sightseeing boat ‘Ofune-Cacome’ which started in August 2009 to answer to the captain’s desire to take a nap on the river, offers just that!