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R. J Café

Most of our customers visit us for a cup of espresso. Our espresso’s the finest quality coffee beans and the beans are house-roasted.We offer varieties of coffee but one particular menu is special, delicious and most popular called ‘Ecopresso’ an espresso served with a coffee cup made from cookies.


Piat Thor

If you are feeling stressed and the vodka nor karaoke aren’t working, Piat Thor is just the place you should be. Because being a store specializing in letting off the steam, Piat Thor is the only place allowing you to smash breakables like dishes in Kansai! Sound crazy?



For those whom feel a good meal is never complete without good liquor to pair it with, did you know Japan offers not just exquisite Japanese sake but distinct beer as well? Tending to be richer in taste with a strong flavor of hops compared to American brands, Japanese beer is worth trying. But if you are going to try it you might as well try it at the best suited environment. Run by one of the most do


cafe zero

Located in the back-alley of Nakazakicho, often nicknamed as ‘retro town’, Salon Café Zero is a laid back and cozy café coming to its 3rd year, which allows you to indulge yourself in the deep and slow, mellow culture of Nakazakicho.


ARK Hostel

Having being named in hopes that it will be unshakable even in any hardships like the Noah’s ark, Ark Hostel & Café Dining was opened only a year and half ago upon renovating an office building. That being the case, it may be needless to say how clean and unique the hostel is.



If you are looking for a stylish place to stay with high cost performance, hostel GOEN is the place for you.Located 30 mins from Kyoto by train and 30 mins from Osaka city, GOEN allows you to sightsee convenient


Hostel Q

The Hostel Q is located close to the popular Amerikamura or American village which is a sizable retail and entertainment area nearby. It is a well-known haunt of expatriates, and centers on Triangle Park, a concrete rest area surrounded by retail outlets of Western fashions, bars and nightclubs.


Cafe Andante

Maid cafés have become so embedded in Japanese culture that it has become a must-go in order to get the full Japanese culture experience. And now it is not only limited to the famous Akihabara in Tokyo, but can be enjoyed in Osaka as well. With the increased competition, each place is becoming more and more interesting, but simultaneously they may be getting crazier and too ‘active’ for some.