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Located only a minute walk away from the closest subway station “Namba Station” and walking distance from Osaka’s must-see landmarks, “Doutonbori” and “Shinsaibashi”, Fuku Hostel Namba s


Whilst ‘tenugui’ otherwise known as traditional Japanese hand towels are becoming popular souvenirs, having smooth texture unlike typical Western terrycloth towels which come in endless variety patterns, you don’t know top quality traditional tenugui without seeing top brand ‘Nijiyura’.


If you would like to take a look at Osaka from a ‘different angle’, why not take a casual cruise for some cozy, Japanese experience? Sightseeing boat ‘Ofune-Cacome’ which started in August 2009 to answer to the captain’s desire to take a nap on the river, offers just that!


Roots Hostel

Located in Namba within a short walk of Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, the Roots hostel is a very clean modern, comfortable hostel. Roots offers visiting guests a home from home atmosphere, a unique experience that will make even first time visitors to Japan feel like they are at home.


cafe zero

Located in the back-alley of Nakazakicho, often nicknamed as ‘retro town’, Salon Café Zero is a laid back and cozy café coming to its 3rd year, which allows you to indulge yourself in the deep and slow, mellow culture of Nakazakicho.


If you are looking for a café to relax as a large group whilst really interacting with the locals at ‘retro town’, Nakazakicho, Café Bar Shuka is the ideal place for you! Having renovated a 90 year old printing plant into a

Salon de AManTo

Whilst there are many must-see cafes when visiting Nakazakicho, also known as ‘retro town’, Salon de Amanto is definitely one of the ‘most retro’ and unique cafes around. By most retro, we mean it is literally the very first café to have remade an old Japanese-style house into a café in Nakazakicho, renovating a tenement house constructed over 120 years ago. Being f


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